Michael Smith

I was saying to someone that I like the way the new First Lady dresses because she surprises me. Yesterday's Isabel Toledo? Didn't see that color coming. Last night's Jason Wu did the same thing. I never expected white, but I like the gown more every time I see it. (I'm also wondering how many pairs of long, slender earrings were bought nationwide today.)

The same principle applies for the Obama's choice of interior designer, Michael Smith. The photo above from House Beautiful shows a kitchen he designed for a home in Malibu. Comfortable, pretty even, with some unexpected touches. I never would have thought of the antique chinese lanterns with the paneling and those beams, but it totally works. In fact, I think it's what keeps the whole thing from feeling too "country." The trim work on the island (his own design) relates to the lanterns, and its dark color provides some color contrast. The stone top keeps it from feeling too formal for the room. Love it.


Raina Cox said...

I love a good detail twist like those lantern fixtures.

hello gorgeous said...

I'll be interested to see if he can unstuff The White House a little.

designerman said...

michelle comes thru with the style. she does not disappoint.