Modern Fabrics

Need to recover a chair? A few dining room chair seats maybe. Or how about just a punchy pillow on that tastefully reserved sofa? Here's the hookup:

You may have already known about this, but I was just given the link by a friend today. Reclaimed from furniture makers, yardage varies, as do piece sizes. You can shop by maker, quantity, or style, all at a serious price reduction. Design houses include Knoll, Designtex, Kravet, Donghia, Maharam and others.

There is the issue of buying fabric online with only the color settings on your monitor as your guide. But hey, if you find something you think you might love, but you need to be sure, why not pay your local upholsterer a visit. You can check out the samples and colorways there to make a more informed decision. Or you can be like me and just go for it. If it's wrong you can save it for a later project or put it on ebay.

Now I'm off to find something for the seats on a pair of neoclassical dining chairs.


Raina Cox said...

Thanks for the great resource! I love the one you posted.

Anonymous said...

Yes, David, great tip. Thanks!

David said...

Raina, isn't that great. I'm trying to figure out a way/place to use it =)

Karena said...

This is perfect for small pieces! I am excited to see what you do next David!