Mr. Blue Sky

The rain is finally gone! The painters are back scraping the house as we speak and the foreman said they hope to work through the weekend. Stay as long as you can boys!

Also serving to elevate my mood, the electricians are in the basement running a 220 line for the dryer.

I'm off to strip some wallpaper, enjoy your day!


Karena said...

I am so happy to hear the weather will be nice through the weekend, and we avoided the snow this week! Your guys should get a lot accomplished!

Mrs. Blandings said...

Jeff Chaney and his guys rock. Rosie loved them best.

David said...

Ok, if Jeff and his crew painted the Dream House then I'm more confident than ever.

I've told Jack and Alex that Rosie loved them, the barking seems to have stopped. For now.

soodie :: said...

i used jeff chaney (um, 10 years ago) and loved him! he did a great job.

and david so glad you posted the video. i was in a rotten mood thanks to humana pulling BS and not covering a claim (you suck humana, you really do) and listening to that ELO song brought me back to fun days as a kid. we used to have an entire dance sequence planed out that we would do on my neighbor's trampoline.

i cannot wait to see pics of your house. best of luck and please keep us posted.

Raina Cox said...

Can you get your contractors to talk to my contractors? We've been waiting two months for some roof repairs.

Happy weekend, Darlin'!