Nothing to show

No excitement around here for the holiday weekend, other than we can now get our cars in the garage. The basement has some extremely well built shelving under the stairs. A bit short for our needs, we removed two levels through much hammering and prying, then cleaned and moved boxes and storage tubs to the basement. A few boxes came inside to be unpacked, and everything else was organized and stacked before I swept out the leaves and dirt.

We're starting to amass some debris with the shelving lumber, closet doors, and a shelf I pryed down when stripping wallpaper in the corner bedroom. A few more closet doors (sliding doors suck, you can't see what's in your closet!), a built in desk, and some drapery valances and I'm going to have to have things hauled away. Locals, I need a recommendation.

Our garage is paneled in a sort of oversized beadboard, and while it's tired and woody at the moment I think it would be really attractive painted. A lighter, brighter color would also help the light situation. Brett says that's way down on the list, and it will be a job with the cleaning and priming and fixing some old termite damage, but I think the end result will be worth it. It's unheated out there so it won't be until spring, but I'll be thinking of colors (a pale gray-green currently leads the pack) all winter.

On the wildlife front, Fox ran past the house heading south on Valley about a half hour ago.

Finally, the weekend mail brought the monthly homes association newsletter. Controversy! There's disagreement about the election of members, how many actual members are proscribed by the by-laws, nonconforming garage builds, neighbors with petitions and open letters from the board members. Brett was president of the board at the condo, and I think our plan here is to remain blissfully uninvolved, but it was entertaining reading. We're part of The Homes Associations of Kansas City, which used to be named The Homes Associations of the Country Club District. Frankly I like the former, more pretentious name.

Tomorrow the gutter guys are back to install our new oversized gutters. Yay for downspouts!


Living the life in The Little City said...

Kudos on the garage progress. Just yesterday, we got to that stage with our garage. Boxes from it are now stacked in the entrance to the dining room.

Oversized gutters. Speaking from experience, they are the best thing ever.

Mrs. Blandings said...

Scheduling a big trash pick up is fairly easy and, even better, free. Appreciated the heads up on the fox, by the way, Mr. B brined the turkey in a cooler to keep it safe. Thanks, neighbor!

home before dark said...

My husband (not the handiest person in the world but a great sport) and I covered our tired garage in peg board. Our house is painted in a similar grey-green as yours with deeper green-black shutters. Our trim is a lighter color of green. I painted the garage the lighter color and it works for me. While I need to take a season changer clean day to the garage, it always makes me happy to see the color on the walls and to see the door inside that leads to the house painted the same as the shutters. It is probably down on the list, but I understand the impulse.

Raina Cox said...

And you call me a tease for drawing out my house reveals.

Amy said...

I must point out that NOTHING says 'moved in' like being able to get the cars into the garage.

(says the de-lurking gal with 8 houses in fifteen years under her belt. :) )