Number please

I hate bad house numbers. I used to think that companies made a lot of ugly digits for the outsides of our homes, but I've changed my mind. I now think that options are relatively slim, and that half the country uses those sort-of-script serif numbers in black. While I think those are bad, at least they're not the number-spelled-out-in-script ones that make my head hurt.

Richard Neutra specified aluminum numbers for his homes, and you can buy them through Design Within Reach. I think they're pretty much perfect, but the problem is, they're 48 bucks a piece. I've got far more pressing needs that I can throw my 200 dollars towards right now, but when everything else is done, these will be mine.

While we wait, these were six or seven dollars at Westlake. Yes, the hardware store. Simple, silver, sans serif. (I like them so much I'm thinking about using them as drawer pulls on a piece of furniture I need to paint)

Plus they're about five inches tall which should show up from the street. We'll mount them over the porch on the now-will-be-Navajo White trim using the floating installation. I think a bit of shadow should make them show up just fine.

And yes, for the photo they're sitting on our unfinished, paint-splattered, long covered up hardwoods. See, plenty of other places to spend.


Raina Cox said...

Those ones from the hardware store are beauts!

Home Depot had some snazzy ones when I was there a few days ago.

David said...

Glad you like Raina, I thought they were surprisingly contemporary for Westlake. We were just at the Depot, I wish I'd thought to roam down that aisle.

Speaking of the Depot, why is the style factor so hit and miss? We found a french door that I didn't think was too bad, but their large assortment of toilets was institutional at best. Everything good is always special order.

Raina Cox said...

Ours is weird that way too. The lighting selection is just awful. Tuscan Traditional or Guido Contempo.

But they have a great selection of natural stone flooring and carpeting.

Go figure.

Living the life in The Little City said...

Isn't it funny the good stuff you can find at HD? Or Lowes?

On a different subject - my dining room paint. I've had some newly-planted doubts about the dark charcoal color and might go a little lighter with a brownish cafe au lait sort of color. Has to do with something I read about color flow. Wish I hadn't read that!

David said...

I've thought about that as well Kathleen. I'm hoping to go with lots of grays and that with continuous floor the black won't be too jarring. But if it is, I'll change to something lighter, but I really hope it will work.

Karena said...

Love the house letter you found. I used to order the iron numbers that stand out in the yard for friends. I am quickly getting into the grays for my home.

Anonymous said...