2010 AIDSWalk Open

It was a busy weekend. Saturday started with a 10am bloody mary at Bistro 303, our start bar for this years putt-putt pub crawl, the AIDSWalk Open. My tee shirt is shown above, laid out on the dining room table in all its XL glory. Lets hope a hot dryer will shrink it down to something I can actually wear. Note to self: remind Cindy next year that I'm closer to an M or an L.

We putted well and made great time, even stopping for some adult refreshment along the way. (who can say no to jello shots?!) Plus the weather held and it was nice enough to walk so we got some exercise. Brett and I made it home in time to watch the second half of the KU/MU game, and indeed no win feels quite as good as spanking Mizzou.

Rachel's husband was out of town so she texted early evening with an invite to a small impromptu dinner party. She makes this delicious celery soup that I have yet to replicate, followed by salmon with an herb butter and sauteed mushrooms with carmelized bok choi. With a few good bottles of wine a great time was had by all.

Prada is staying with us this week for spring break. They're all sacked out on the couch currently so I imagine its an all-day barkfest while Brett and I are at work. Her daddy has not had her groomed all winter so I'm doing her a favor by not posting any photos. I'm also calling her groomer tomorrow to beg for an emergency appointment. I can't imagine this is going to end in anything other than a near-total shave.


Karena said...

very proud of this endeavor David, I wish I could have been there to join in, I know a lot of my co-workers were involved!

Art by Karena

ChrisToronto said...

I remember the last photo you posted of sweet little Prada -- so sad, but so cute! My Scotties are in a similar boat but I haven't hooked up the hand sprayer in the new apartment yet so I can't give them a bath at the moment. Gotta get busy on that because, well, when people say "Smell her . . ." they're probably talking about my Judy (Punch is just as bad).

David said...

Chris, why haven't Punch & Judy made an appearance on StyleNorth?! A couple of sweet dogs are the best thing you can add to a room!

ChrisToronto said...

P&J have been featured on styleNorth a dozen times; check out this post about their favorite rugs: http://stylenorth.ca/blog/2008/08/house-of-flokati/
Punch is in the lead shot, Judy's in the closing pic.

David said...

Thank you for pointing me at that, what good looking dogs!