Hard to find: the perfect parsons

A few weeks ago I was looking through the craigslist furniture listings and came upon a plain parsons table. Sort of a console, 5 feet or so long, and perfect for a spot we'll have in the living room. The top and legs were the same material, which I like, but the material was a dark woodgrain laminate, which I don't. I thought about doing something to it, wallpaper or fabric, maybe some paint even, but ultimately decided to pass.

It got me to looking around online and it seems like a simple parsons table all in the same material is hard to find. If you want a steel base with a stone top thats no problem. Same for chrome and glass. But it doesn't seem like anyone is offering anything in all wood.

Room and Board has the Brooklyn console in lacquered steel, which isn't bad. I like steel, and I like the solid sides. I can't decide if I like the little rolled foot on the bottom. It reads vaguely asian so you'd think I would, but I'm just not sure. Happily there's plenty of time to look and think. Still, it looks like a good deal for $449.

I also liked Room and Board's Align console. Stained bamboo wouldn't be my first choice of material, but it's got great lines. That spot between the top and the drawers is just screaming for a couple stacks of big books.

Crate and Barrel used to offer nearly this same thing, only without the drawers. I remember it along with a matching bench you could slide under, but they seem to be long gone.


Karena said...

David, you know I really do like those curved legs, wait and get what you really want though!! It will shout out to you!


Art by Karena

dwr said...

Here's one I really like from Ethan Allen. The dovetailing is really sharp.


David said...

Thank you DWR, it's been a while since I've been in to EA, that's really really close to what I had in mind!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

I think west elm sells some, but I'm not sure of sizes and the quality is questionable of course. Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to find! I'm not a huge fan of this room and board console (seems half assed somehow..not quite parsons and not quite chinese) - but I agree with Karena, Wait till you find the perfect one, you'll know it as soon as you see it!

Decorina said...

The curved foot thingy is just not right. It cancels the original meaning of a Parson's table which reduced it to just intersecting planes...so I guess I don't think it is Chinese enough, if that is the way you want to go.