Damn you JCrew

It's no secret I'm a big fan of the Crew, so when an email popped up this afternoon letting me know there were new arrivals online and in-store, I couldn't get to jcrew.com fast enough. I was not disappointed.

I like tee shirts, and I like vintage-inspired tee shirts even more. I've found that while I don't love the majority of their novelty tees, occasionally they'll put one up that I do, such as the Hudson Graphic Tee.
The Crew is also a favorite for sweaters, and I'm totally digging this, the Military Mockneck Wool Cardigan. It also comes in a blah brown called Heathered Earth, but I much prefer it in black.

I stopped by the store on the Plaza tonight. I wanted to see the sweater and I thought I might pick up the tee, but they hadn't received either. The manager James is extremely nice (Brett thinks he has a crush, I think he's just helpful) and said he'd give me a call when they come in.
What was in was the Fatigue Jacket. I tried this on and it's really great. It comes with a button-on hood (which James helped me remove) and it's really much better without. Washed and just slightly distressed, stand-up collar, a bit shorter than I imagine army-issue would be, and a deal at 168.
It's totally going to be my fall jacket.


Raina Cox said...

I adore the Crew, too.

Which is a little odd considering how fashion forward I like my interiors.

We were about an hour out of the city last month and came upon a J.Crew outlet. My husband accidentally turned into its parking lot while looking for an entrance ramp.

I told him the car wanted to go shopping.

David said...

You can't argue with the car when that happens, you risk it just stopping!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Oh - i love that cardigan! I might have to try that on..although i already have way too many sweaters. I find a lot of their cloths don't fit me very well though, unfortunately. I need a slimmer cut. :-( Nothing is ever easy.

Karena said...

I love a crew man! Great sweater and jacket. I love cool tees as well! There is nothing like a man in a good looking sweater on cool days (or winter as well here in KC.

Decorina said...

I think you'd look great in all of your selections.

BTW, the MCM show is next weekend here in Denver. Are you going to come? If you do bring lots of money.