A Sunday Buzz

We were at loose ends today. We'd slept in, had breakfast, picked up the house and cleaned up ourselves. It was too hot to go to the workshop, and Brett didn't feel like going to his office, so we ran out south to Crate and Barrel to look at a couple things I'd seen in the catalog.

Nothing we had to have there, so we swung by Baby Gap to pick up a first birthday gift for Brett's god-daughter Maya. Being the good gay uncles we are we bought the cutest dress in the store, and a little cardigan that should make it work further into the fall.

Those errands out of the way, and a little too early for dinner, we needed a snack. JP Winebar is right there at 119th, so off we went.

This is exactly what a hot Sunday late-afternoon needs. One bottle of Riondo prosecco, and the Spain cheese flight. Three delicious cheeses on a bed of fruit, nuts, pickled vegetables and crackers.

It was likely the cause of my two hour nap when we got home, but I still heartily recommend.


Raina Cox said...

Mmmm...that kinda day makes life worth living.

Decorina said...

Sounds wonderful.

Karena said...

Yes, a perfect afternoon with your perfect partner!

soodie :: said...


Nothing better than a afternoon buzz.

Toad said...

David: I believes Spanish wine naps are known as siestas.