Oh eBay, I've missed you

Things have been busy lately and I've neglected my eBay addiction, so before bed last night I took a spin through the ironstone listings. What did I find but this 11 inch footed bowl in need of some love! I was at the workshop starting on another secretary tonight, so I set a reminder on my phone so I wouldn't forget to bid. As it turns out I got home with time to spare, and there was no flurry of last minute bids which meant my late bid was good!

There's a small rim chip, but other than that it appears to be in pretty good shape. A spin through the peroxide bath at Connie's house should brighten it right up. Connie, if you're reading, make a list of painting and/or framing projects you'd like help with, me and my dirty whitewares need to come see you when Sparks is over.

There's another of these bowls on my watch list for later in the week. It's in pristine condition so I don't expect to have as easy a time of it, but I'll bid my best.


Raina Cox said...

What a beautiful shape your bowl has.

Congrats on your win!

Living the life in The Little City said...

Very nice. A good find.

Decorina said...


Karena said...

Very classic a great piece for your collection!