With no work happening on the bathroom project and apropos of nothing, I've been thinking about wallpaper. None of the current paper will survive, but we'll definitely put some back up. I'm digging Fretwork by G P & J Baker. This is the silver colorway, which might be nice on the wall which will separate the living and family rooms. That wall will float in between the two rooms not connecting to any other walls, I could match the paint on the surrounding walls to the background.

It also comes in a pale aqua colorway which looked really sharp. The dining room has very little wall, picture windows on two walls and archways on the other two (eventually). I'd been thinking about black walls as there was so little of them, but some pattern could be nice too. I could also match the ground for painting the coved ceiling. Black wood floor, pale aqua ceiling, subtle pattern on the walls-I could live with that. And plenty of time before we have to make any decisions.


Martha said...

I like it -- and think you have some terrific ideas!

shannon said...

love the paper!

as for the black, you could always do thin pin stripes (the width of the banding in the paper) in the black with glaze added to give the stripes a little sheen...just an idea.

can hardly wait to see your beautiful home next summer!! (yes, that was me inviting myself over when i am back in that neck of the woods)