The plumber was scheduled to return on Sunday for the following:

1. Replace sink supply lines
2. Replumb shower
3. Remove toilet drain (so we can finish the subfloor replacement)
4. Re-install sink and shower drain vent piping

End result? No call, no show.

His reply to Brett's email today was that while he'd like to finish the job he's unsure when he'll be available so we should find someone else. I'll be interested to see if we get a bill for the tearout.

While we were out Saturday we stopped by the tile shop to see about our wall tile, which was back ordered until September 3rd. Estimated arrival: October 18th.

We had Alex in the car with us so I stayed out with him. Brett was barely out the door when he yelled "I should just cancel the order." In the face of his displeasure the store staff had nothing to offer other than a lukewarm apology. Later on they did call Brett's niece (who ordered the tile for us utilizing her designer discount) and offered up the same stone in the 12X24 size at the price we paid for the 8X19.5.

I'm inclined to wait it out as what we ordered is what I think is absolutely right. I feel like the scale of the 12X24 tile is too chunky for the size of the room, but I've promised Brett I'll make some cardboard templates and tack them up to the wall so we can look at them.

Reveal photos will now likely include a jack-o-lantern.


Living the life in The Little City said...

What is it with tradespeople? The plumber especially...just to leave you guys in the middle of a job. That's terrible.

Mrs. Blandings said...

I wish I had a plumber to offer but I've never found one I love. I know you're anxious, but wait if it seems right. In the long run a few weeks will seem like nothing.

shannon said...

i am pretty sure Ken the Plumber would probably make you pay for his airfare to come out. he's fab and funny and reasonably priced.

hope you can find the patience to wait for what is perfect. deep breathes! love you.

home before dark said...

Call Conrad Plumbing in Lawrence. Adam is super!

Raina Cox said...

Oh man! I'm so sorry to hear that your plumber bailed.

So smart of you to lay out the alternative tile in cardboard to get the feel of it.

ChrisToronto said...

". . . make some cardboard templates and tack them up to the wall . . . "
I trust Brett knows how lucky he is!