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A couple posts down you'll see an antique chinese lacquered cabinet I found online that I thought might be good for under the television in the family room, once we get that wall built. I specifically didn't mention my source by name just in case you were in the market for something similar. Well, we stopped by today and I'm sad to report that it was already sold.

But I'm only a tiny bit sad because of this:

The shop, just like I said, is chock-full of gorgeous asian pieces and we thought this one was outstanding. At 6 feet 9 inches long though we were concerned about it's size. There was a second cabinet in a dark red lacquer that wasn't quite as long, and it was also a contender.

After a run to Nell Hill's to pick up a second white lidded jar we came home to do some measuring. Since we're removing almost an entire wall and replacing it with only a section, we hoped that something around seven feet wide would work. We measured off where the new wall would be opened up and where we'd rebuild the section and seven feet will be perfect. With that we headed back to Kincaid's and made the purchase.

While we were there I asked if I could take some photos to post here and was welcomed to do so. Online shopping is available for both furniture and accessories. Click on these photos to enlarge and you'll see there's some really wonderful things.

Brett was in love with this pair of red lacquered upright cabinets. The owner was telling us that on occasion she's had them modified (by moving interior shelving) and that they work very well as bar cabinets, an idea I like very much.

I tried to express, and hopefully Brett will remember, how much I love these fat horse figures. Perfect, oh I don't know, for a birthday, anniversary, or Christmas gift. I've seen them in the shop before in an ivory glaze, and I like them even better in this turquoise. As gray as we're planning to go here with the renovation we'll definitely need some color to keep things lively.

There's plenty besides cabinetry too. Altar tables, screens, lighting, antique boxes of all sizes and lots more ceramics.

The lines on this little side cabinet aren't really my taste, but I couldn't love the pale gray color more. The lamp and pair of urns are right up my alley.

The white lidded jars on top of those shelves would totally be mine if I hadn't just bought my new jars.

This long, low green box was used for holding scrolls. I could see it sitting on the floor under one of our big picture windows, or perhaps on top of our new gray cabinet. Perfect for holding Wii accessories. By the way, so far Brett is WAY better at Mario Kart.

She also often has these large wooden lattice panels, and I think they're beautiful. In fact I mentioned to Brett that on the other side of the wall we build one of these would be gorgeous with some mirror behind it, and a simple parsons table below.

Prices are good here and as you can see the selection is great. Holding our cabinet until next weekend (I've got to get my car unloaded with stuff from the mall) was also no problem. This was our second purchase and very likely not our last.

Locals are luckiest as they can stop in to see things first hand, but with a website and phone you can likely buy from almost anywhere. And you should.

Kincaid Antiques
1711 W. 45th Street (45th and State Line)
Kansas City, MO 64111
(816) 753-5067


ArchitectDesign™ said...

love those 2 red tall cabinets! They would be so great in a living room flanking a doorway-one set up as a bar and the other for storage (or hidden tv - yes I suggested that, ala 1999 - hiding tvs in armoirs!)

David said...

The flat panel in many ways rendered the "tv cabinet" obsolete, but there are still plenty of spaces where I'd prefer not to see my television unless I'm watching something. You're right, one of those red cabinets would be perfect.

Martha said...

Love the red cabinets! I'll have to stop by there sometime.

I hate to have the TV seen -- although the flat screens seem to be obligatory above the fireplace -- a look that I HATE!

Karena said...

David, wow, really great pieces. I will go in when the weather warms up say to 35 or 40!

Mrs. Blandings said...

Doesn't she have the best stuff? And she's so darn nice. I'm having a blast watching the renovation. Here. No peeping tom, promise.

David said...

She does and she is Mrs. B. I'm kicking myself for forgetting to ask for her name. When we pick up the cabinet I'll get it for sure.

Electrical upgrade soon I think, and that clears the way for more visible improvements.

ChrisToronto said...

Great post David! Right up my alley, too.

Living the life in The Little City said...

How fun! I love what you got. And, that store....that would be a wonderful place to visit.

home before dark said...

Thought of you yesterday. Electrician (and apprentice who needs to find another calling) and plumber with me all day. The mess, the boo-boos (apprentice breaks my Baldwin mortise lock, some one knocks off moulding off my Grange daybed), day ended with a 300 pound cast iron tub coming down the stairs in only two pieces not a gazillion I had read could happen. I have to refinish the ceiling in the bathroom (had planned to but was waffling; apprentice placed new fixture in the center of the room, which meant my chandelier would have been half in my shower. Three glasses of wine later, I consoled myself: it could have been worse and I REALLY believe that. Great cabinet. Will put Kincaid back on my KC list if the snow ever thaws. You have so many adventures ahead of you. Stock up the Jack Black.

David said...

Oh my HBD, I'm surprised you stopped at 3, sounds like a whole bottle would have been totally acceptable!

We do have adventures in store, hopefully we'll handle them with a sense of humor and gratitude.