This week in California

In case you haven't seen the news, and I haven't noticed a mention anywhere outside of a couple of the gay news blogs I read, the Proposition 8 challenge began today in San Francisco District Court.

You might remember that I have definite opinions on the issue of same-sex marriage, but I think the photo above best illustrates my point. The moment Mr. Speedo rolled out on the Conveyor Belt of Love, he and Bitchy Asian Chick were eligble to run down to the courthouse and tie the knot. After 12 years together Brett and I are not. Sanctity of marriage my ass.

I'm not angry, nor am I sad. Truthfully I'm not even hopeful. I'm just tired of the argument and the rhetoric and the politicization of something so intimate and personal.

Brett and I will do what we must to ensure our wishes and security are safeguarded, whatever the ruling may ultimately be. The fight won't end in San Francisco, and it won't end anytime soon. I've simply lost the ability to care any longer.


Russ Manley said...

Well I still care, so I'll just care double for ya till you get your wind back David. I'm mad as hell and I'm going to stay that way till this is settled the right way.

I read the older post you linked to - "I don't believe his family would throw me out." Oh David, buddy . . . do not ever depend on the kindness of families.

You surely have read my story of what happened after my Cody died, over on my blog. Family feeling and love and all that horseshit goes right out the window the minute someone dies and somebody else thinks they can get a dime's worth of value from what's left.

I saw this with Cody's family, and before that he himself had been through exactly the same thing with his first partner's family, and I have seen it in my own blood family.

Which is exactly and precisely why marriage was invented in the first place. It's not about ratifying your love in public; it's all about protecting each partner's rights to money, property, houses, and all the other material things they share. Because families go apeshit when someone dies, always have, always will. That's why we need marriage - like all straight couples do.

You didn't ask for my advice but here it is anyway: DON'T HESITATE one more minute to protect yourself in every legal way, if you haven't done so already. Death comes at the most unexpected times, so do what you need to do up there in Mo. right now. Trust me on this one, buddy.

Raina Cox said...

The Pea would make a fab flower girl. She's very theatrical and would make sure everyone was fully entertained.

Can I sit next to Cousin Eric at the reception?

home before dark said...

I cannot say any more eloquently than Mr. Manley above.Our family was decimated by the evil stepmother and her two children. Do what you need to do (irony my father-in-law an attorney as is my husband). My step mother-in-law tried to hide the will and say none existed. My husband had a copy. Still, she did everything in her power to keep what was ours. She was very effective. Be relentless in protecting each other in every way you can. View it as the ultimate Valentine.

Karena said...

Yes, David be happy with your wonderful partner, however protect yourself. I have seen ugliness rear it's head so many times in these situations. Love your label!

Decorina said...

After our mother died my sister went completely insane trying to grab anything and everything she thought had any value. It appeared to to me to be all about keeping it out of my hands.

I hear what you're saying, David. It is hard to care about something when the right thing is so very obvious - and yet the tiny minded are so strident in their objections to it.

All I would ask is that one of those who are so opposed to equalizing marriage show how gay marriage has negatively affected their own. No example? Nothing? Then shut the hell up already and get out of the damn way.

soodie :: said...

David, i care and will be in any of those lines picketing for same sex marriage. i don't think it is fair. (along with adoption, but that's another can of squirley worms.) as an antique/deco arts appraiser, i cannot tell you how many times i have gone into a home to do an inspection and have seen some third cousin by marriage once removed trying to sneak out the back door with a case of sterling flatware or snag a picture off the wall and stuff it up her sweater. the fighting, the anger, the greed between siblings and children who once said they didn't care.... i have a similar story as Home: grandfathers last wife married at 75, they didn't even live together. in the state of california, where they married, the spouse gets exactly half. her adult children making off with dinnerware, silver, furniture and my real grandmother's jewelry -- disappearing out of the house in the middle of the night that was supposed to go to my dad and uncle. my grandfather was her fifth marriage. she was careering in marriage. there is much more ugliness to the story, and i've given TMI, but this is a huge reason why i became an appraiser TO HELP PROTECT PEOPLE. David and others out there, get it in writing. you want to protect those who you love. Mr. Manley is right, marriage is a contract to secure finances (it has been through out time) and WOW has it been abused by spouses and certain divorce lawyers (i can attest personally to that one). i also feel like barfing over shows like 'the bachelor' -- finding true love.. oh really? or is seeking 15 minutes of fame, a big diamond ring and some money... we have free will to marry for love in this country and it should be that way. makes me so angry too. now i need to take some rolaids.

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Ditto, I hear you loud and clear. It's really exhausting and I'm almost at the same point as you. Luckily it passed here in DC, did you hear that?

Stef said...

I still care! Don't give up the fight! I was mumbling under my breath about the stupidity of people while listening to a "discussion of gay kids coming out" when my daughter made my heart rejoice for the next generation with the comment..."why would you not love your child just becasue he/she is gay?" Which led to the question why does it matter who marries who? There are others in your corner so stay strong!!