Who's my hero

No, not Lance Bass. But I do love this new glam rocker shot on his facebook page (taken by photographer Mike Ruiz, found via towleroad). Surprised? Well now you know, I can't resist a stubbly man in a bellboy hat, leather collar and excessive guyliner. It feels like he's the drum major of a scantily clad, musclebound marching band. Only with less marching and more bump-and-grind.

Anyway, the picture made me smile, and I've needed something to do that this week. The SCOTUS ruling striking down the prohibition on corporate spending in elections scares me. Not only because of what it could mean for the election process in our country, but because it makes me fear the final ruling when the California Prop 8 trial reaches our court of last resort. I truly believe that the conservative justices on the bench are evil. Just so you know where I stand.

The other thing that has made me smile this week is that Brett bought Guitar Hero 5 last weekend and his band is named Hellfire Wilma. That was always what my grandpa would exclaim when my grandma would get on him about something ("Hellfire Wilma!"), and I always swore if I ever started a band that would be the name.

I don't play guitar hero. My fingers don't move that fast and just watching those notes coming at me makes my neck and jaw tighten up. But Brett's been playing Garbage (with an animated Shirley Manson on screen!) and Beastie Boys and old David Bowie, which I'm digging a great deal.


Decorina said...

The old white guys on the SCOTUS have really handed the corporations the ultimate gift. So now we live in not just a corporatocracy - but an actual fascist state where the corporations are the acknowledged leaders.

Now is really the time for the "elected" pols to dress like NASCAR drivers and wear patches of their sponsors. We can just look at them and see who they are actually working for - the corporations who own them. Free speech my ass.

Scary indeed.

Raina Cox said...

I imagine Monsieur Bass scrambling eggs in the kitchen in that outfit.

anita said...

True that -- "free speech my ass."
More like paid-for-speech. .....and the biggest wallet wins!

ChrisToronto said...

Alice Cooper, baby!
Love the band name and expect I'd have probably loved your Grandpa, too.