And we're off

We have one unblemished sink basin,
And one 12 yard roll-off in the driveway.

That means its Demo Weekend at Chez Malaise! I had a few spare minutes at work today so I typed up a whole schedule of what to do when. We spent the evening moving some stuff around and cleaning up a bit, followed by removing a number of doors. Tomorrow starts with a trip to Lowe's (and a coffee run) and then its hammer swinging time. The plumber is scheduled for Tuesday morning to move pipes, and the electrician is either Monday or Wednesday for all the wiring. We've promised them both a room stripped down to the studs so there's no choice, we go until we're there.

I have no doubt we'll find a bit of rot and mold, but the entire bathroom is sitting on a nearly 2 inch pad of concrete so hopefully the damage is only in the walls and not the subfloor. Cross your fingers for us.


Raina Cox said...

May the force be with you!

Mrs. Blandings said...

I may wander over tomorrow - I need to see it in person.

David said...

Raina, as long as your folks have been in that house you need the force every bit as much as I do!

Swing by if you're out Mrs. B, it won't be pretty (nor will we) but we'd love to see you.

Kathleen said...

Fingers are crossed that all goes well. Demolition is fun.

shannon said...

if i were there, i'd be there! :) i am all about demolition. it was a hoot ripping out most of my kitchen a couple of years ago. can hardly wait to see your results.

oh and bt-dub the basin made me gasp a bit. xo