I need to undo my pants *photo update!*

Lobster cake
Sea bass & risotto
Flourless chocolate cake & chocolate orange cheesecake

Brett and Rachel had a client who is a chef, and tonight he paid his bill with a dinner. Eleven of us gathered at Rachel's around 730pm. We started with a glass of prosecco and then enjoyed:

-Smoked lobster cake with a chipotle mayo and pickled jalepeno/onion/tomato salad.

-Chilean sea bass in a lobster cream sauce with asparagus truffle risotto.

-Snapper with a tomato gastrique and a tomato pineapple relish.

-Beef tenderloin (with a sauce I can't remember at the moment) and wild mushroom mashed potatoes.

-Rack of lamb in a goat cheese demi glace and roasted potatoes with roasted garlic and sauteed green onion.

-Flourless chocolate cake with liquored cherries and chocolate orange cheesecake.

There were wine pairings with each course and lots of laughter, and every single thing that was set in front of me was delicious. My ass is kicked, but in the best possible way.


Martha said...

Sounds like a really great evening! The food sounds fantastic!

Russ Manley said...

Food sounds scrumpaliscious Dave. I've had that flourless chocolate cake, it is deadly.

But damn buddy, seeing the title of this post I came over here hoping for a picture . . . .


home before dark said...

Better than getting doctor bills paid for with a chicken! All sounds yummy. Hell of a birthday dinner.

Raina Cox said...

I'm with Russ - that post title had me thinking something altogether different.

shannon said...

well, at least i've already eaten my breakfast of half a bagel with butter and peanut butter to keep me from getting hungry...

doesn't that sound like a glamorous breakfast? :)

i can't wait until june next year. cuz that's when i'm heading to KS and get to see you!!!!

Russ Manley said...

Um, meat looks great Dave . . . with that special sauce all over it too.

Karena said...

Beautiful plates of delights!! I am so glad you both enjoyed!!

Art by Karena

ChrisToronto said...

Oh what a night!