Loose wires

The electrician is here today running wire and installing recessed lights and what looks to be a very capable and quiet Panasonic exhaust fan. Hardiebacker is sitting in the garage awaiting installation on the floor, and the Schluter shower kit and floor tile are here and ready when we are. Moving the ball down the field.


shannon said...

i can hardly wait to see the before and after pics together!! :) and then...i can't wait to actually see it in person sometime.


Karena said...

Hi David! Moving right along! Excited to see more pics!

PS I noticed that I disappeared from your blogroll. I hope I didn't do anything to offend...let me know...I have been a little loopy with recent surgery and another one first week of Sept.

Your KC blog friend,

Art by Karena

Mrs. Blandings said...

I am going to let you advance while I take a time out. I sorta started to panic. When I get back in town I would love tile demolition advice.

David said...

Ready when you are Patricia!