Farmers Market

The last time I thought to go to the farmers market it was early summer, and there wasn't much there. Yesterday Brett and I were up early for the American Cancer Society's Bark for Life (my office participates), so after bringing Alex back home we ran down to the River Market for some vegetables.

We should do this all summer, I don't know why we don't think of it. All you see in the pictures, plus some lettuce and cilantro that are in the crisper and I don't think we spent ten bucks.


Martha said...

We eat Farmer's Market all summer -- it is the BEST! And the amazing produce!!!

And the vegetables taste like they are supposed to (not cardboard!)

David said...

I don't know why we don't think of it Martha. I tore up the lettuce, chopped vegetables and used some leftover ranch I made the other day, and it was a perfect salad with a grilled chop.

Also put some of the tomatoes in a frittata for breakfasts this week.

shannon said...

i think i may have made the best garlic mashed potatoes of my life tonight...with home grown taters!

our friends hit the farmers market all the time. we should, but sadly work during the market times. i suppose i could ask them to pick things up for us. hmmmmm.

Kathleen said...

It sounds like your farmers' market has excellent prices.