Bare bones

Demo was not completed over the weekend, but not for lack of trying. The minor plumbing complications caused us to not be able to get the sink and toilet out until after the plumber came. That happened today, so we're ready to clear the rest of the room.

Our lack of a power saw also proved to be a handicap in getting out the studs around the shower. They'd probably come out with a few good whacks from our trusty sledge hammer, but after two days of work neither of us had it in us.

We're taking one day off this week to complete everything before they pick up the dumpster and I don't think we should have any problems getting everything completely stripped down.

The next photo you get should show a perfectly empty room. I am pleased to report my plastic and tape job seems to have kept the dust out of the bedroom, save for the paw prints.


home before dark said...

These pics are bringing on my own PTSD when my bath was gutted this year. It was on the second floor. Something scary about being able to look that far down into your house! This new bath is going to be super. Can't wait for the results.

Mrs. Blandings said...

That was a lot of work. And it's so HOT.

shannon said...

great progress! not too much longer and we'll be seeing the after shots. :) and don't you just love the four legged assistants?