Resto Fall Collection - My picks

The Resto catalog came today. Actually, two came, oddly. Either way, there were some good things, and some things I just thought were kind of silly. (RH, we can rip the bindings off our own books, tie them together and dip them in tea. For far less than 29 bucks.)

In no particular order, my faves:

Digging this oak side table, especially in the smaller size

Not exactly a new offering, but I could find a spot for this column table as well.

I didn't think I cared for this wall lamp at first, but the more I look the more I do.

Is it me or are chesterfields looking really good lately. It says this comes in all fabrics, I SO hope that includes black leather.

This planisphere print isn't exactly new either, and it's got to come down from its price of $995, but I love it and know exactly where I'd like to hang it. 55.5 inches square. Love.

Maybe its because I've seen these "french postal desks" at the Porte de Vanves market in Paris, but I like it a lot. Would be great in a stray corner or spare bedroom. I'd recover the seat in dark leather rather than the tan.

Digging this too, although there are far better choices than oatmeal linen.

There were a number of other things I liked as well, including a couple new bath cabinets in oak with an antiqued gray finish that just might work, say, in a black and white marble bath. Maybe. I'll have to see when we're done.


shannon said...

our taste is so the same. nice to know some things don't change! ;)


Martha said...

I think it is interesting the direction that they're taking. Some things I like -- some I don't. However, I love their sales! And I love the chesterfield -- only in brown leather please!

Raina Cox said...

As you can imagine, there isn't a whole lot at Resto that would work in my house but I find that wall sconce intriguing.

Toad said...

I was reading the catalog earlier, and believe you picked all the winners. Not certain about the lamp though

ChrisToronto said...

Is that the same star map made famous by Thomas O'Brien?

David said...

It appears to be similar if not identical Chris. I'd imagine TO probably has an original, but I'm totally fine with a repro =)