Here's a few photos from yesterday while we're on break. I'd forgotten how horribly strong our plaster-over-drywall walls are.

Except of course the enormous rotted chunk that came down all at once. That grab bar kind of made me laugh because it was way too heavy to carry. At some point it broke in two and we got it out to the dumpster.

Speaking of the dumpster, someone has tossed in their bag of dog poop each morning. Not that I care, I just find it funny that each day has greeted us with a bag of foreign crap.

We've done well taking things down without disturbing the new bedroom walls on the other side, with the exception of one screw head-sized perfect circle of spackle which popped off in the bedroom. Easy fix.

There are of course a couple of hiccups, in the form of two vent pipes revealed when the walls came down. One is in the shower wall that needs to move about 8 inches west, and one is right where the medicine cabinet needs to be. Frustrating, but if thats the worst thing that happens we're incredibly lucky. So far there does not appear to be any rot that can't be dealt with. One thing we have learned: rotting wood smells awful. Things are dryer today so its much better.
Today has been all about the floor, and the pneumatic impact hammer we rented. Tile over a nearly two inch mortar bed on metal mesh. Hellish in some ways, but we've made surprisingly quick headway. Hopefully the shower bed comes out just as well.


Raina Cox said...

This is more fun than Cinemax After Dark.

Kathleen said...

Demo is cathartic, isn't it?

We started to take down a wall at the cabin this weekend. Going back soon to do some more damage.

Have fun.

Russ Manley said...

Sounds like "at home with Bob and Norm." What fun.

shannon said...

oh i am so glad you are taking us along for the ride! i am so envious of the reno. i want to do our bathroom so badly.

Mrs. Blandings said...

That peachy hexish tile? I had that in my old master bath with a similar wall tile. I DO appreciate the addition of the blue - that was inspired.

I swear i am not the one putting dog poop in your dumpster. I swear.

ChrisToronto said...

Considering the chaos and destruction, you seem to be taking this in stride, David. How is Alex coping? Does he find it upsetting?
I'm rubbing my hands in anticipation of the big reveal. Good luck with the work!

David said...

Patricia & Rosie, me dumpster es su dumpster =)

Chris: He's not so good with loud noises so that kept him at a distance, but he was happy to greet us each time we came rolling out with our carts of rubble.

Poor guy, he's used to perpetual adoration, it was a rough weekend for him.

Karena said...

David this looks eerily familiar.... I am glad you are so young and strong!

Art by Karena

hello gorgeous said...

Screw the reno, I just love seeing Mrs. B talk about dog poop.