Another shopping opportunity

I'm probably late to the party on this, but I just discovered Much like Gilt, only for home furnishings. On Saturdays they have "Tastemaker Tag Sales," and today's was Bunny Williams.

Prices were obscenely high even at half off, but I thought the above pictured hand-forged saw horses were supremely cool. Retailing for $2900 and sold for $1429, its a game I'll never be able to play. Still, it's entertaining to look. It also sent me scrambling to eBay where there was nothing even remotely similar to be found.

I signed up and got right on, but I do see that there's an invitation mechanism too, so if you can't get in and you'd like to shoot me an email ( and I'll send you an invite.


Martha said...

Those are fabulous and I went to the site but alas, they are sold!!!! And yes, things are pricey but it's fun to shop windowshop "pricey". Thanks for sharing the site!

Living the life in The Little City said...

Very cool. Not at all in my budget, but quite handsome.

Raina Cox said...

Oh Honey, you've slipped down the rabbit hole now. ;)

Also check out Rue La La if you haven't already. I bought some Sferra bedding there at an incredible discount.

And I think I remember you saying you already belong to Gilt Groupe. They're trying to ramp up their home selections.

shannon said...

i would so use them as a base for a glass top dining table.

my email has been sent. :)