A time for turquoise

A weird blog thing just happened.

I've not been to an auction in ages, but tonight was the spring art & antique auction at KC Auction Company. I wasn't going to buy, but there were a few things I wanted to see. One was this turquoise crackle glazed Pisgah Forest Pottery pot.

There were also a number of good old painted pieces, all in the blue family, strangely enough. Nothing I could use here, but definitely ones I wanted to see and touch. This hutch was the best of the bunch. It could use a cleaning but was in pretty good shape overall, with great paint as you can see. I left before it hit the block but checked the online catalog later and it sold for $675. That's the most I've ever seen a painted piece sell for here.

Oh, so what was the weird blog thing? I got on to upload these pictures and post, and noticed Mrs. Blandings had a new post up, so I took a look. George Terbovich, David Jiminez, and Emily Evans Eerdmans, three gorgeous shots, all related by color. And that color is turquoise.

I feel even better now that the pot came home with me.


Karena said...


I love it and I just read Mrs. B's post as well!

Art by Karena

Martha said...

A great pot!

Raina Cox said...

That's a beautiful piece, David. Turq is nearly my favorite color.

Mrs. Blandings said...

Love the purchase. I received an email from KC Auction and could not make last night. I might have fought you for that one. The blog thing is weird altogether, but it is odd when things like this happen.

shannon said...

wise purchase, David! it is beautiful!! the perfect accent color. it goes with everything from deep browns to celery green. and the shape is really lovely, too!!

you gots the taste, and it's good! :)

Raina Cox said...

Completely off-topic, but did you see the Johnston Cashmere throws on Gilt Groupe (ends Friday)? A couple of them have "David" written all over them.

ChrisToronto said...

David, so spill . . . what did you pay for it?

David said...

Raina, the striped throws? Oh yeah. Also calling my name were a number of Stark carpets!

Chris, I'm not that familiar so I checked eBay first. There was one with a 75 buy-it-now (sold) and two at 99. I paid 60.

ChrisToronto said...

Good score; I'd have paid $60 for it, it's a real beaut.