Retail Therapy -or- What I'll do for 85% off

First, thank you all for the kind words both here and on the Facebook this past week. It really has been a comfort to know that you were thinking of us. We're doing alright, just trying to keep Alex busy and hoping for a smooth transition to a one dog household. At least for a while.

The photo above shows my place in line this morning at the Nell Hill's tent sale. This replaced the old yearly warehouse sale in Atchison, and was the first one at the KC store at Briarcliff Village. The sale began at 10am, and I got there about 830. The line actually went around the corner of the tent about 20 feet. The group first in line got there at 530 this morning, and I thought I was probably sunk, but by the start of the sale the line circled the tent, snaked across the entire front of the store, and completely past Trezzo Mare restaurant next door. Trezo, incidentally, in a burst of genius set up an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet between the restaurant and the store. Seven bucks and they had no problems making you a plate and bringing it to you in line if you didn't want to risk losing your spot.

Mary Carol's crew also made the rounds with a coffee cart and she herself came through the line letting everyone know about some of the particularly good deals and how things were organized. As they removed the side panels of the tent for light and air the line compacted as everyone folded up their lawn chairs and prepared for battle.

There were a couple of spectacular buys. A handsome couch that retailed for $2800 marked down to $600, and a pair of armless chairs and ottoman covered in a gray and white Imperial Trellis like fabric for 500. Of course they had SOLD signs on them within seconds of the opening. Huge bolts of fabric (the reason I was there) for 25 bucks, and holiday and seasonal greenery (actually pretty good stuff) for a buck a piece.

With no fabric I could use I did dig around (it gets packed, and all those big boxes and laundry baskets the ladies bring didn't help) and came out with a mercury glass butler's ball ($10) and a little concrete faux-bois mirror ($2). There were two big blue and white porcelain jar table lamps that I liked, but the better of the two was broken. The intact one was only $35 but the painting just wasn't that interesting.

After paying up and taking my bag to the car I ran inside to see Rich. With the exception of the summer clothes being worn you would have thought it was the last weekend before Christmas. People EVERYWHERE. I walked around a bit, said hi to Rich, and headed out. His text message to me at 12pm summed it up: "Mother of God it's only noon! The tent is decimated!"

Since I was out I stopped down in the West Bottoms for the Bottoms Up antique sale. There's actually a few first weekend sales now, so you can make day of it if you like. I bought an industrial steel handled box. Not sure exactly what I'll do with it, but it's very cool. I also ran into a few dealers from the mall and Jason from the auction house, so it was nice to see and talk to them for a bit.

Home now for laundry and other weekend chores. And a wine class tonight. Everyone enjoy your weekend!


Martha said...

I've never made one of her sales but after seeing your picture and hearing your description, that, despite the good buys, I alas may always stay home!

Mrs. Blandings said...

Sounds like a good day. The children you hear washing my car/screaming and spraying each other with the hose are mine.

Raina Cox said...

Oh my! That's my idea of shopping. A contact sport!

Karena said...

I have been up to the shop in Atchison and at Trezo Mare events before Mary opened in Briarcliff.

Not that I need a thing, I do keep saying that don't I?!

Art by Karena

David said...

Martha: I'm not sure I'll do it again myself.

Mrs. B: As hot and humid as it is I'm about ready to get the hose out myself.

Raina: At 9:52 you could actually feel the change in the mood as the lawn chairs were folded and piled to the side. I SO wanted to yell "GAME ON!"

Karena: Need? I'm not familiar with the concept.