So it was like this, only with more weeds:
Now it's like this.
SO much better. Should be great when it fills out.


Toad said...

Now if only you had a few deer in the hood.

Don't you hate waiting for plants to become established? I know I do.

Looks great though.

Martha said...

Is Brett from El dorado Springs, Mo or El Dorado, Kansas? I'm between them both!

It does look so much better -- the thing with a garden -- when they're small they look small -- when they're too big they're too big -- sort of like Goldilocks and the Three Bears -- landscaping is.

Karena said...

So true, I have a couple of planters that are too full, have grown like crazy. David it will look great very soon and fill out nicely!

Art by Karena

David said...

Toad, a couple of these things had tags that said "Deer Resistant," so I'm prepared should any wander through.

Martha, El Dorado Kansas, tiny world. And you're so right, seems like there's always that one season when everything is perfect, then we prune every season there after.

Karena, if I plant containers I pack them full, I bet I'd love yours.

Martha said...

So do you come through Fort Scott on your way to El Dorado? If you do, feel free to stop by for a drink and a nosh at Linderhof!

David said...

Martha, even tinier world, I think Brett grew up in Fort Scott! If I find we're ever going to be in the neighborhood I'll let you know!

shannon said...

i don't even want to show you the 'back 40' here. the back portion of our yard is all crab grass and other weeds. not fun.

i love the stone work that acts as a backdrop for your beautiful plantings.