Trolling Craigslist: Lighting Strikes

I think I've mentioned before how awful the Kansas City Craigslist is. We're awash in a sea of honey oak, "hand-carved" and "purchased just last year from Nebraska Furniture Mart!" Ugh.

But still I look, because you never know, and once in a while something interesting pops up.

Milo Baughman for Thayer Coggin per the posting, and I'm inclined to believe it (although I'd sure as hell be looking for a mark).

They're upfront and specifically say that it needs refinishing, and it does. I'm okay with that because I bet its solid. I might like it even more just a bit darker.

They also call it zebrawood, which its not, but okay. They're asking $200 which doesn't seem obscene, but I'd still offer less.

I'm not even going to inquire as we've got plenty going on without another expense or project, but if we were between things here I'd totally give them a call.


Raina Cox said...

It makes my bits tingle.

Karena said...

Sometimes you can find treasures indeed!

I am posting pink today!

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