In praise of summer TV

I love (some) summer TV. My favorite summer show of all time starts next week!

We also enjoy
I've picked my pony and will be rooting like hell for adorable 18 year old Kent Boyd.

If the dancing thing doesn't work out I have some ideas on how he can still achieve fame and fortune. Looking at the photo above I wonder if the show stylists aren't thinking the same thing. Either way, he was first out of the chute on tonight's contestant introduction show and performed beautifully. Fingers crossed.


Raina Cox said...


Chicken hawk!


David said...

Guilty! The shame...

Living the life in The Little City said...

I realized last night that I missed a comment you made on the salvage sink. I don't know if they can have the porcelain re-done. But, they can be reglazed. I'm leary of glazing - just not sure it would hold up for a utility sink.

Summer television. It's fun, isn't it?

shannon said...

we enjoy Wipeout, too. we're hoping they go back to normal, singles, next episode. the blind date thing was kind of...meh.

i can't imagine trying to run the course. no thank you!

Karena said...

Well he is terribly cute!! Can't fault you for looking!

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