Greek chic

Here is eBay item number 350167897809.

$1500 or Make Offer. I'd make an offer. It's cool as hell but that's too much for a chair without provenance. I'm not making an offer, as much as I'd like to.

There's a matching sofa under a separate listing, but that's a bit much for me. I like the beauty of a single statement chair. You could change out those casters for something less obtrusive. GAAA I love that fabric. Classical motif AND quilted. It's perfect for the grayscale scheme we're working here at Chez Malaise. Damn it.


Raina Cox said...

Oh my. Crazy in love with it, too.

Unless the chair is old Baker or Henredon, I'd say $300-400 tops.

Martha said...

It is an amazing chair -- but yes, that would be way too much!!!!

ChrisToronto said...

Oh yes, I'm in full agreement about the chair's fabulousness. I think Raina's in the right price bracket but I think the specialness of the fabric merits a premium, I'd pay $550 for it.

Karena said...

No ideas on the fabric designer, I would try to find it (Mrs B or Meg maybe)
then search for the perfect chair to put it on!

Art by Karena

MFAMB said...

damn! i love it too!!! all that quilting and graphic poppage!

fuck all that 1500 dollar bullshit though.