Why I'm retiring to Palm Springs

It's become almost a tradition. It snows, I step out on the side porch and take a picture, then whine on the blog!

The upside is that the company I work for is very good about weather, closing early yesterday and not opening until 10 this morning. Plus we're casual, which to me is the best thing that could be done for one's employees. I'll be much warmer in jeans and harness boots than I would have in slacks and some Donald Pliner slip-ons.

Brett got up and shoveled the driveway making it easier for both of us to get in and out, and perhaps more importantly, giving Alex a spot for his morning constitutional. Sweet boy, Alex is one of those dogs that prefers dry paws. While that occasionally complicates spot selection, it does make for less mess being tracked back inside.

Here's hoping your day is warm, safe and dry.


home before dark said...

Loved the Heinous Label! My husband was grumpy. He got the two hours later for work thing, but not enough time to clear the driveway. He left in a bad mood, came back in within moments saying, "You're not going to believe this." A newly retired neighbor bought himself a new snow remover tool and he went up and down the block "having fun." Only a retired fireman (which he is) might think it fun. It was a lovely moment in a mess of woe (a probably 10" for us). Must be a schnauzer thing. Our MacKenzie was the same way. We always said he was a dog who needed a butler. Stay warm and watch out for the wingnuts who like to go sledding in their cars!

Living the life in The Little City said...

That's funny about Alex. One of my dogs is fussy about wet paws, too.

Mrs. Blandings said...

Don't apologize - it's horrid. And, the snow is up to Rosie's chest, so I can't imagine how terrible it is if you are only a foot high.

Raina Cox said...

The storm zipped right by us leaving barely an inch. It must have had KC in its sights.

Karena said...

It usually takes me 20 minutes to get home, last night over an hour. I am not leaving the house today....why can't I work from home every day!

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Toad said...

What a beautiful neighborhood. I'd want to stay home too. Palm Beach/Key west for me though.

Martha said...

Our Ollie (a corgi -- he's bred to be a working dog for pity's sake) DOES NOT like to get his feet wet either -- either in snow or rain!!! But then as short as he is, if the snow is very deep when he raises his leg -- you can imagine how cold THAT would be!!!

Looks like you got a lot more snow than we did, 100 miles south! It was pretty though and today the sun is shining and it truly is beautiful.

That said, however, from someone who has NOT gotten out in it!!!!