Raina knows how exciting this is

Today we installed Schluter fabric in the bathroom. Yes, only two pieces, but they're large pieces. Combined with thinset mortar that was a bit on the runny side it took a while. Luckily, Brett is off work tomorrow for MLK day and may finish up the pony wall.

The fabric is going to cover what we need to cover, but isn't going to go as far as I thought. Luckily I bought a gallon of HydroBan, which is a rubber product that you apply to your drywall with a roller like paint. Two coats and you're ready to tile on top of it. That should cover everything else and be more than enough protection to handle any water or vapor that might get past the tile.

We also met with another contractor about reconfiguring the living room, family room, and entry. He seemed to completely grasp what we want to do and specifically said he would break down our quote so we could choose jobs as necessary. I'm really hoping we get good numbers back from him. He came with good references and he's done things for others that we absolutely are going to need. Like build an addition for the master bath. It doesn't hurt that he's also attractive. And by attractive I mean really hot.


Raina Cox said...

Indeed I do, David, indeed I do!

We even have the same 'poo niche.

Sadly, my bathroom has looked like that for two months now. Here's hoping next month sees some progress for me.

David said...

Yes mam, I believe we've both reached maximum saturation on the bathroom redo. Fingers crossed!

Topaz said...

This post is useless without pictures of the hot contractor. I'm sure you could think of a plausible excuse for getting a snapshot, something like "Oh, we ALWAYS take pictures of our hot contractors. It's a tradition." Then report back.