My newest obsession

Apparently it's been at 51st and Main since August, but somehow until this weekend we'd missed Yogurtini. And I've been twice since Friday night.

When you walk in you're greeted by about 14 frozen yogurt machines. Each has two flavors and a swirl. Grab a cup, pick your yogurt, and slide on down to the topping bar. Nuts, fruit, cereal, crunched up candy, its all there. At the end are the sauces.

Top your yogurt as you like, weigh and pay. It's brilliant.

I was out for a bit this evening and surprised Brett by bring some home. I had the same thing I got Friday night: Dulce de leche yogurt, waffle cone pieces, slivered almonds, coconut, and caramel sauce.

For Brett: Chocolate/Vanilla swirl, brownie pieces, crushed peanuts, crushed cashews, crushed Kit-Kats, chocolate sauce.

If you don't have a Yogurtini near you check around, there are other franchises with similar concepts. I'm finding the array of choices and do-it-yourself construction irresistable. I'm totally thinking about going tomorrow for lunch.


Karena said...

Yummy, Adore the Make it your own way concept. I will go check it out!!

Art by Karena

David said...

You'll be glad you did Karena. There's one at Zona Rosa and out in Lees Summit too.

hello gorgeous said...

Not in favor of any food you have to weigh...