Subtle pattern

Here is that wallpaper that I couldn't swipe an online photo of last week. I'm sorry there's nothing included to give you a sense of scale, but just trying to find decent light to take this shot was daunting. If you can see the fold lines, each of those sections is nearly 8.5 by 11 inches, so just think of six pieces of copier paper laid out in two rows of three.

Basically we're trying to open the living and family rooms up to one another. The family room paneling and parquet floor will be replaced with drywall and oak plank to match the living room, and right in the center of the entire thing will be what we're calling a media wall. Seven feet long and thicker than a regular wall (we're thinking 8 or 10 inches currently) it will hold a flat panel tv on the family room side, and a credenza and some art or a big mirror on the living room side.

The entire room, including the entry, will have painted walls, but we wanted a little bit of pattern for here in the center just to break things up a bit. We'd originally thought about paneling the entire thing horizontally with gray prefinished wood flooring, but we have an old grayish Chinese cabinet we'll use under the tv to hold components and it just seems like too much wood.

This paper seemed too taupe to me at first, but the more I look at it the more I'm convinced its fine and that I can find a gray that works with it but doesn't read too brown.

Cute Contractor hasn't gotten back to us with numbers so I have no idea if or when we're getting started, but whever its a go I think we've got the wallpaper question answered.


Raina Cox said...

Way to leave a lady hot and bothered.

(Great paper choice!)

ChrisToronto said...

Very promising!

Maria said...

good paper choice! lovely greetings

shannon said...

As usual, your taste is fab! Love the paper. I think it will be great. Up by June? :)